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    With the season in full swing, we chat with men's tennis senior Michal Voscek in today's Getting to Know on VCUathletics.com #LetsGoVCU

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#VictoryAlert Isis Thorpe with a buzzer beater 3-pointer. @vcuwbb wins it 66-63 over Davidson. #LetsGoVCU

  • vcuathletics

    #VictoryAlert Isis Thorpe with a buzzer beater 3-pointer. @vcuwbb wins it 66-63 over Davidson. #LetsGoVCU

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    A 3 point shot in the last second - in the words of Prince Hakeem "Ohhh, this is a most exhilirating experience" #letsgovcu #havoc

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More on 2014 VCU recruit Jonathan Williams


     Why he picked VCU:

    “I just like the fast pace, the run and gun, the pressure, their intensity. It fits me well.” 

     On his strengths:

     “Ball-handling. Getting to the rim. Court vision. My defense.”

     Working on:

     “My 3 ball. I stay (after practice) and get 500 to 700 shots up. I’ve really been working on it. It’s getting a lot better. My mechanics are there. I’ve just got to get confidence in it.” 

     Williams said Wisconsin and Wagner have made offers. Virginia, Saint Joseph’s, Xavier, Tennessee, Houston, Florida Atlantic, Central Florida and a few others have shown interest.

     “I considered other schools, but VCU was always at the top. I always kept my door open.”

      On whether he’s still growing:

      “I’m only 16. I went to the doctor like probably a month ago. He said I’ve still got like 2, 2 1/2 inches in my growth plate.” 

    St. Benedict’s coach Mark Taylor:

    “He’s a great kid, both on and off the court. Very respectful. Extremely athletic. Super quick. Super strong. Explosive type player. For his size, he just takes off. Great leaping ability. He really finishes in the open court well, both passing and scoring. We love him. He fits the way we play very, very well, and I think he’s going to fit in with the way VCU plays with their up-tempo, trapping style. He hawks the ball nonstop. He’s our best defender. We’re pretty good (ranked fifth nationally). That says a lot to say he’s our best defender.” 

     “He plays the two and the point. The way we play, we score 80-some points a game in high school. It doesn’t really matter.

     “He’s probably averaging about 7 points. On our team, he’s probably close to that in assists because we just go.”

     What he needs to improve:

     “His floor … leadership is something we’ve been working on a lot. He’s gotten so much better so quick.

     “The other thing he needs to improve is his long-range shot. He’s so explosive that he’s not looking to shoot the ball; he’s looking to get to the rim. If he can get that outside shot knocked down consistently, (he’ll be) even more explosive because people will have to come get him. When people have to come get him, they can’t stay in front of him. He’s that quick.

      “He’s so low to the ground but he’s strong and big. When you’re that strong and that quick and that low, if you can knock down shots, it’s almost impossible to guard him. That’s something we’re going to really work on in the offseason this year and the preseason next year, to get his shot to what I call a serious Division I-level point guard shot.” 

    On others who recruited him:

    “There’s a lot of guys who have been talking to me about him. His stock has gone up this year. If he’d waited, he be getting a lot more (offers). He wants to go back to Richmond.

     “He and Shaka have a pretty tight relationship. They hit it off right away. Everybody who came and saw us was like, ‘He’s going to VCU, right?’ like they knew they couldn’t recruit him. … If they were going to offer, Jon was going there.”

     On his future:

     “He’s going to be a great player at VCU. He fits that style. He’s the perfect Shaka Smart guard. He’s going to do very, very well. Time will tell how quick he picks up the system.”