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    Is it CBB season yet? #letsgovcu

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    Nice to see @vcu_wbb getting some love in this morning's RTD for their work in the community. #LetsGoVCU

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    80 days. #LetsGoVCU

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    #OneVCU #havocliveshere #LetsgoVCU

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    Congrats to VCU's own @troydaniels30 on his new two-year deal with the @HoustonRockets. #RedNation #LetsGoVCU

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    #ramnation #havoc #ineedcollegehoops #isitbasketballseasonyet #letsgovcu

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    Happy weekend! #letsgovcu

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    Come Run with the Rams! VCU Elite camp is set for Saturday, August 2nd! Contact @CoachDeSo for details! kdesorrento@vcu.edu #LetsGoVCU #vcuwbb #vcu #vcuathletics

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    Out with the old, in with the new. The vans got an update. More updates to come... #LetsGoVCU

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    We are just 50 days away from the official start of another year in #RamNation. @vcuwomenssoccer leads us off on Aug. 22 against VT. #LetsGoVCU

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    A recent photo tweeted from @GregVCURAM showing his VCU Pride at the Grand Canyon got us wondering… where else is #RamNation traveling this summer? Instagram photos of you in your VCU gear while traveling the world using #TravelingRams. Photos will be posted to our Facebook page! We may even give away a few prizes for the best photos… Stay tuned & #LetsGoVCU

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    4 years of hard work for this wonderful piece of paper! #VCU2014 #PSYC2014 #VCUalumni #LetsGoVCU

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    Big time! #LetsGoVCU #shakacamp

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    Moving sucks. But the Final Four didn't. #LetsGoVCU

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    Congrats to VCU Track and Field's Kiara Porter (@msquarterporter) on earning a spot on the U23 Team USA squad. She'll represent her country at the NACAC in August. #LetsGoVCU

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    5 on 5 at camp has made me catch the fever! #letsgovcu #havoc #vcu #basketball

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    Was cool watching the NBA draft last night and recognizing a lot of the players from the past NCAA season. Sucks that Reddic didn't get the call up, but it's really got me pumped up for VCU games this season.

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    One last #TBT. With the #NBADraft going on, reminding everyone that VCU is the only school in Virginia to ever have top-20 draft picks in back-to-back seasons. #LetsGoVCU

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    Team 1 vs Team 2 Staff Bowling #LetsGoVCU @tee_aara @jckob


VCU links up with chain

      The “chain” has re-emerged at VCU.

     VCU coach Shaka Smart gave his team a metal chain as a symbol of connectivity before the team left for the Atlantic 10 tournament this week.

     “Every link represents a person,” VCU senior guard Rob Brandenberg said. “When we all get together and form that chain, it’s unbreakable. It’s a bond.”

     Freshman forward Antravious Simmons wore the chain around his neck while sitting on the bench during Friday’s quarterfinal win over Richmond. Simmons, who is redshirting, said he had it because he’s always on the bench.

    Former VCU coach Anthony Grant gave the 2007 team a chain before the Colonial Athletic Association tournament. Each link had a piece of tape with initials written on it.

    The chain took on a life of its own after the Rams won the CAA tournament and went on to upset Duke in the first round of the NCAA tournament.